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Health, Safety, and the Environment

Top-notch service means more than getting the job done on time and on budget. It means operating with the greater world in mind, always looking for ways to improve the lives we lead today, and the legacy we leave for tomorrow.


A worker in overalls and sunglasses concentrates on a cylindrical steel tool he holds in both hands.

Each one of our employees undergoes extensive training to make sure they are prepared and knowledgeable, whatever unforeseen challenge arises on the job. We always aim to make every worksite safe through rigorous protocol and modern equipment that is routinely checked and maintained. We are proud to have been certified by Avetta.


Recycling is at our core. Where other companies see waste, we see potential. In fact, in our lifetime, AK Casing & Tubing has been responsible for keeping over 2,000,000m of used pipe from being smelted. We carry this mentality over to every one of our operations, always looking for a way to cut the carbon footprint of both ourselves and our clients. A cleaner future for our children is possible – we just have to work together.

Indigenous Engagement

AK Casing & Tubing formally recognizes with respect the many and separate Treaty Lands, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Métis Peoples, and Inuit Peoples that inhabit the land we now call Canada. In hopes of advancing a meaningful reconciliation, we always seek to engage with Indigenous communities and hire Indigenous contractors wherever possible. In particular, we have a long and positive history working with Frog Lake First Nations and Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation.

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